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What are Poppers

What are Poppers?

Simply put poppers are a liquid that gives the user a sexual high when sniffed directly from the bottle which is the most common practice technique by poppers users. Other methods of use include opening the bottle and allowing it to breathe or using a soak filled cloth to place under the nose to allow inhalation. The manufactures instructions on the brand named bottled should always be followed of course and under no circumstances should the contents be drunk! This would require immediate medical assistance and can prove fatal. All Poppers are flammable so likewise caution should be taken especially if the user(s) are smokers.

What is in Poppers?

The chemical family nitrite is the base of all poppers Nitrites such as Amyl are the general base product but country laws differ and evolve so the blends and type s of Nitrites change accordingly.

Used as an antidote for cyanide poisoning in the medical trade but in this instance poppers are being used on the club dance floors and in the bedroom department since the 1970’s but historically the use has been documented by Romans and there are side effects such as head aches and feeling dizzy Heart palpitations and in some cases nausea.

What are the effects?

The general required effects are ones that include muscle relaxation and enhanced sexual pleasures. The effects of which last only a couple of minutes. That said some users report erectile dysfunction! Heart rates do increase and the effects of this can lead to a more prominent sexual high or dance floor activity. Again the side effects are headaches in some cases and some reports of heart palpitations.

Where can i buy Poppers?

Buy Poppers such as our jungle juice poppers online or via sex shops but you can be sure we have the best prices as we are warehouse distributors direct and will save your money for sure! Our special runs and specials on the brands of jungle such as the new extra strong jungle juice are found regularly on sale for discounted prices and sometimes as part of a party pack or combo poppers mix

So now you know what are poppers

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