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Push New Year Products

Big black new age design jungle juice popper, slinky easy to carry and priced accordingly. A great power popper that just hits the spot! Normal size bottle and distinguishable due to its labelling. A great addition to the platinum and plus range.

power Pack

power Pack

Combo deals for the jungle juice plus are on the store shelves combined with Rush super Push and Adler. Faust, another brand new comer is likewise placed to attract an audience and introduce itself to our shop range. This combo pack is under thirty five Euros and offers shoppers fab value for money, allowing customers to try at a reduced price new poppers and have the satisfaction guarantee of known poppers such as Rush.

Black Label Junglejuice

Black Label Junglejuice

Push man scent popper

Push man scent popper

We don’t only sell aromas but we buy and sell many other related and complimentary products like lube, underwear and anal assisters. Sprays are also making a New Year debut 2015 looks like a year that will see plenty of new comers to our online shopping experience. 250ml anal spray costs 16.90 for 250 ml. Pocket lube from Swiss Navy : 5.90 super pleasure silky smooth feel and water resistant so shower safe. Designed for sensitive skins made up to give longetivity and pleasure to both parties. No “nasty” chemical inclusions! No drips and a must have product for use with your partner and / or sex toys. Pocket sized must have product.

Christmas Poppers Packs

Christmas is coming the time of year for presents and what better than some jungle juice for the stocking fillers! Great new designs and more than average contents in terms of millilitres. This power popper has a legendary punch and is up there with the market leaders in popularity. More so in Amsterdam and the main land Europe but very popular in the U.K

Gratis Poppers

Gratis Poppers

Gaining fame over the last decade and sitting alongside the extra strong poppers online brands Jungle will be here for the foreseeable future and beyond. Perfect Christmas packs are available with combo deals like a bottle of reds and three smaller baby sized Junglejuice plus the big daddy super strong bottle , all for 29.99 Euros!

Cock Ring

Cock Ring

Free Poppers

Free Poppers

Other ideas direct form the store include lube ( An ideal complimentary product) and brand names like rush who now even do their own range of condoms. Fun times ahead for Christmas and new year. We at the poppers shop now even allow you to mix and match and have the privilege to grant free bottles of poppers with some of our range of giveaway Christmas offers. Big or small whichever way you go you get three free gratis bottles, so showing the more you acquire the more money is saved. Other stimulants are widely stocked : Lubes anal delay sprays and sex toys of course are the most popular. All give energy stamina and enhance what happens in the bedroom department. One could even go further and acquire a dvd which is always a welcome gift. Double dongs , prostate massagers we have a great online range , we think we have one of the best selections of plugs on the market for him and her so why not go even further and get some long live erectile products . We have rings and straps and of course some great chemical mixes and pills.

Cheap Poppers

Only yuo the ned user can aquire poppers at the online stores via the web. Save your self a small fortune and pocket the difference. Its easy and even more so when you combine the super juice combo packs of super jungle packs with other brand names. Reds rush to your front property window makesa world of difference to your bank balance! Its a way of bulk buying and a way of buying poppers individually, either way a fab path to go down to get your self and keep you in the black and not in the red, nebie products such as liquid burning are out there a 100% genuine product with a extra pocket punch.

Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

Going off on a tangent now with, “Im a celebrity get me out of here” TV show in which celebs stick it out in a jungle in some far off distant land and have to get out of their comfort zones. Orange Juice and no poppers i guess as its generally a family show J. Some of the celebrities are sure to have some fun in the sun or under a canvass in a tent at some point. It’s just human nature. We could provide them with more than poppers and perhaps some sex toys could be in the making. So watch this space and lets hope some of the more famous people slip up on camera and give us more to laugh about.

Jungle Juice Drink

Its Christmas time and we are having a poppers sale, so why not buy some jungle juice poppers online and get with the festive Christmas spirit and some other spirits too! We have the platinum and extra strong versions of jungle juice and this popper has been around for decades. Thrived in the 1970’s and has a loyal following. We are not talking about some party cocktail of course from a drinks manufacturer we are talking Aromas Head cleaner and the type you inhale, according the company allowing the vapour to release naturally but knowing that most inhale directly into their nostrils to get the instant buzz. The jungle juice drink for the alcoholic side has plenty of vodka and fruit laced and soaked in alcohol preferably overnight to get the most alcohol out of the punch. Of course with the later version side effects could include waking up somewhere unexpected or finding yourself not being able to walk in straight line. Our poppers though have an effect that lasts only a few minutes but both could have headaches associated with them as an aftermath by product.

The beverage is intended to get you as drunk as soon as possible and it generally thought of as a poor man’s concoction that utilises all and left over alcohol stirred up and drunk until its gone. So both of these products are for adults only.

Christmas Poppers

Christmas a yearly event that comes for some with happiness and joy and for others misery. Capitalism has its fans and its enemies. Our Jungle juice poppers shop is not so aligned with politics and we just get on with our online business and that’s giving you the customers the best value for money for your poppers. Festive times mean big savings and bargains and the BOGOF buy one get one free syndrome is all over our television sets already. Not to be out done we likewise have some Christmas bargains that could lead to a more sexual Christmas and definitely a more relaxing one if you take us up on our bumper offers, two for ones and half price poppers for sale as well as some great additional related products such as the warm lube designed to help you glide along and a couple of real life sized dildos modelled on real people and their private parts, should spice things up and bring you to a Christmas climax on more than one occasion.

These great Christmas poppers specials can be had for real value these packs consists of free poppers vibrators dildos and lube. Some great names such as Rush Amsterdam and Man scent. Where else can you get five poppers bottles and some lube for less than 25 Euros. Shop around and we have not yet found another supplier offering such low prices for such fabulous Christmas gifts

Buy Electronic Cigarettes

Want to buy electronic cigarettes then why not do so online and save your money via an E store. These products are designer and have fooled a number of folk as they are so real looking! Its uncanny as so many people have been asked to put out their cigarettes as the complainants belive that the cigarettes are real! Why use these cigars and cigarettes? Simply put they enable you to live a more healthy life style and give you more purchasing power as the savings are up to 75 % on the cost of real cigarettes. How they work is by atomising a liquid via a battery and letting the user inhale nicotine which has been flavoured to their choice the brain is fooled into thinking its smoking but is actually getting the nicotine fix. we do our business online and so can appreciate this new age product and recognise all the associated health benefits to be had by the end user.

Jungle Juice Aromas

Whilst most know aromas as poppers we know some search for Jungle Juice Aromas and we stock jungle juice in the basic form and also in the platinum form and the all new ultra stroing variety is now on our shelves so if its a popper with a long lasting pleasant aroma then the old ones know best and Jungle jhuice have been around since the 1970’s and know their mixes and blends that we all keep coming back for! For example we have the 9ml jungle juice poppers for 7/90 Euros each and that includes VAT! The small platinum is 7.90 also and thats for the larger 12 ml bottle The daddy size of 30ml is still a steal at 12 Euros inc VAT and some shipping costs depending on which continent / country you reside in.

Jungle Juice Blue Poppers

Yes an older style poppers are jungle juice blue poppers We stock ultra and extra strong jungle juice poppers / aromas and priced cheap to sell at super discounts which obviously saves you money. Blue has been around for what seems like an eternity but its longetievity makes it a time served market leader and for very good reasons…. Customers know a good product when they use or have it and to keep things simple they keep comming back to what they like and when buying online it makes super sense So dont delay buy your poppers and your blue jungle juice poppers online via our shop today!

Online Poppers

Aquire and super save your money by buy poppers online a super save website that caters for all your needs and requirements so as you can buy aromas and poppers safe and secure online at super discounts. This way enables you to aquire more poppers for your money. To buy in the knowledge that your saving allot of money.