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Category Archives: Poppers Shop

Cheap Poppers

Only yuo the ned user can aquire poppers at the online stores via the web. Save your self a small fortune and pocket the difference. Its easy and even more so when you combine the super juice combo packs of super jungle packs with other brand names. Reds rush to your front property window makesa […]

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Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

Going off on a tangent now with, “Im a celebrity get me out of here” TV show in which celebs stick it out in a jungle in some far off distant land and have to get out of their comfort zones. Orange Juice and no poppers i guess as its generally a family show J. […]

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Christmas Poppers

Christmas a yearly event that comes for some with happiness and joy and for others misery. Capitalism has its fans and its enemies. Our Jungle juice poppers shop is not so aligned with politics and we just get on with our online business and that’s giving you the customers the best value for money for […]

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Extrastrong Poppers

Yup they are all doing extra and ultrs strong poppers All the various well known brand names that is such as Rush and Jungle Juice poppers of course Ultra strong Jungle juice is available at the super price of 7.90 Euros! Beat that for value for your money for your poppers.

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Poppers Links

Set up a new links databse where webmasters can exchange links here poppers links this should expose our jungle juice website more and lead to a great deal of  poppers price reductions 🙂

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Liquid Gold Poppers

We stock all the major and minor brand names including a popular one in the UK Liquid Gold Poppers its a market leader and liquid gold has been around for an eternity and has some side brands also including pure gold A great selection of poppers await you and at super discounted prices at our […]

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Extra Strong Jungle Juice Poppers

We have a new extra strong Jungle Juice Poppers customer choice starting this month A 9ml Bottle for 7.9 euros! Hard to beat for value for your money we think. This brand name of poppers is well established and one of the market leaders but we offer it direct form mainland UK  via our warehouse […]

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