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Jungle Juice Drink

Its Christmas time and we are having a poppers sale, so why not buy some jungle juice poppers online and get with the festive Christmas spirit and some other spirits too! We have the platinum and extra strong versions of jungle juice and this popper has been around for decades. Thrived in the 1970’s and has a loyal following. We are not talking about some party cocktail of course from a drinks manufacturer we are talking Aromas Head cleaner and the type you inhale, according the company allowing the vapour to release naturally but knowing that most inhale directly into their nostrils to get the instant buzz. The jungle juice drink for the alcoholic side has plenty of vodka and fruit laced and soaked in alcohol preferably overnight to get the most alcohol out of the punch. Of course with the later version side effects could include waking up somewhere unexpected or finding yourself not being able to walk in straight line. Our poppers though have an effect that lasts only a few minutes but both could have headaches associated with them as an aftermath by product.

The beverage is intended to get you as drunk as soon as possible and it generally thought of as a poor man’s concoction that utilises all and left over alcohol stirred up and drunk until its gone. So both of these products are for adults only.